Bitnet Laptop Ensemble

The Bitnet Laptop Ensemble was formed within the BitNet01 project, in parallel with our community, which arose around the experimental music festival of the same name held since January 2019.

The BLE consists of six performers and six laptops. This human-machine hybridization aims to collectivize the means that the computing power of modern automation offers us to generate a boundless sound canvas on which to experiment, create and perform music and visual forms. By linking the individual with other individuals, an open network is created that leads to an unpredictable and suggestive environment made up of many different sound and visual gestures linked together to create the performance. Shapes, images, synthetic materials, noises, melodic and rhythmic gestures alternate the scene to take the listener to remote digital places. BLE mainly uses programming languages such as Max/Msp, C-Sound, and Touch Designer as the primary platform for sound and video synthesis and analysis, and software such as Ableton Live for live performance.

BLE is an inclusive project, open to anyone who wants to join the ensemble to play and come together in an impromptu performance.