About Us

We are digital natives, students, musicians, makers, programmers and creators of images and colors who have organized themselves in a cultural association with the aim of creating and promoting events, in particular the C (A) OSMO intermediality festival, an event of tip of the BitNet01 collective. An event full of workshops, experimental music performances, interactive installations, art exhibitions and much more.

We live in an age where binary code is an integral part of every moment of our existence; right now you are reading letters, characters and viewing images that are the result of a complex organization of 0’s and 1’s juxtaposed to be understandable to humans.

This knowledge may seem foreign to you, BitNet01 feels a common need to research and share to break this gap and regain possession of the means made available by modern technologies, collectivizing them, using them creatively.

Bit derives from BinaryDigit which represents the unit of measurement of all digital processing systems and Net means network, because we think that technology should aim to make communication and sharing of knowledge and tools possible. From the union of these two terms, Bitnet01 is born, an open experimental space in which new ways of multimedia and interdisciplinary creativity are researched and shared; a space that promotes participatory processes and makes the knowledge of digital art and electronic music available to a wider audience, people from different backgrounds who can collaborate and communicate through the new languages ​​of art.

C(A)OSMO – Intermediality Festival

The festival, originally called BitNet01, was born in 2019 from the idea of ​​some students of the Electronic Music course of the “G. Rossini ”in Pesaro in search of a collective form of artistic expression, which then involved other people with different backgrounds.

Inspired by electroacoustic music, multimedia arts and underground culture, BitNet01 wants to seek new ways of multimedia and multidisciplinary creativity, bringing together people from different backgrounds in an atmosphere of creative and collaborative exchange.

After more than a year of closures and restrictions, the experimental art festival curated by the BitNet01 collective is back in a renewed edition. A festival born from the crasis of two terms: “chaos” and “cosmos”, a word that wants to represent the fruit of the artistic relationships undertaken in this period of obsolete bodies and cognitive existences. Chaos as destructuring and a renewal mechanism of reality, the cosmos as the many nodes that make up social relations and collective artistic productions. Let’s go back live and take back the spaces and the technological means to bring together experiences, thoughts and performances between the different artistic languages. We recreate bonds and relationships made of bodies, senses, sensors and processors. Let us ask ourselves about the production of a new language that uses technology against the collapse of the anthropocene.

The venue of the festival, now in its third edition, has always been the Grizzly Self-managed Space in Fano (PU), an independent social space, outside the logic of the “local” that seeks profit in the artistic avant-gardes but a space that does not receive sponsorship or funding and it exists only thanks to the support of the people who pass through it.

The program is always very rich and includes workshops, A/V performances of experimental music, interactive multimedia installations, talks and exhibitions of photography and painting; National and international musicians *, artists * and performers participate.


New media artist, sound and visual designer. 

His research ranges from programming languages for audiovisual synthesis to electroacoustic composition. His work is focused in the field of multimedia interactive installations.

Website: luisbraschi.it

Developer, sound designer. 

Mainly active in the field of music software development, his research revolves around sound design, human-computer interaction, multi-channel technologies and sound installations.

Website: cipp0.github.io

Multimedia artist. 

Her interest revolves around the fields of wearable design, human-computer interaction, and virtual reality. She researches hybrid and fluid connections between body and technology concerning the environment that hosts it. She works mainly on shared projects, firmly believing that art is a network of fluid and inclusive sharing.

See profile: Instagram

Creative technologist, new media artist. 

He works in the field of interactive installations, audiovisual performance and multimedia content creation for videomapping and immersive environments. Founder of Quadro Quantico studio and teacher of “Audiovisual performance and multimedia installations”. His artistic practices are strongly influenced and linked to the sound-visual component.

Website: filippogualazzi.it

Multimedia artist. 

Her research aims at the relationship between the body and interactive systems in relation to immersive environments and scenarios. Her study focuses on the multimedia construction of “augmented” realities extended both at the computer-digital and physical level, in particular, how new performative practices can be hybridized in relation to techno-reactive contents..

See profile: Instagram

Electronic musician. 

He is an electroacoustic composer who writes and performs under the name of Iridescent.

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Researcher, multimedia composer, live performer.

His research is obsessed with sound and immersivity and primarily involves audiovisual interaction within virtual environments, multichannel music composition, sound design, and live performance

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Sound designer, live performer.

His research ranges in the programming languages MaxMSP and Csound, used for human-computer interaction, sonification and sound synthesis projects in real time.

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